Louisville Roofing Repair Scammer Back Behind Bars

by Scott on August 4, 2014

Convicted scammer, Mike Osborne, is behind bars once again. Originally convicted of swindling Kentuckiana windstorm victims in 2008, Osborne is now dealing with charges in another US state. Mike’s trouble is far from over, and in the past four years he has been arrested as well as convicted several times. At this point, Mike Osborne is expected to be brought back to Clark County where he will be facing additional multiple felony charges.

Two years ago, Mr. Osborne was caught via hidden camera when he came back to the home of two of his former victims, this time demanding more money for his wind damage/roofing scam.

Detective Tim Franklin of the Clark County Sherriff’s office stated, “We’ve tracked him through Michigan and Wisconsin. Last night, I learned that he was currently in custody in Racine County, Wisconsin for home improvement fraud.”

According to local authorities, Mike Osborne is currently operating multiple Louisville, KY siding repair companies, and he does his advertising via the Internet. Each location is listed in Jeffersonville, but there was no answer when authorities visited the premises on Friday evening.

Mike Osborne’s latest victim Kevin Hendrick states, “He was a good salesman. He knew to keep lowering the price until you said yes. After I paid him the cash, I come in the house for maybe 30 minutes and then I looked out the window and their cars were gone and their complete mess was still here.”

Kevin Hendrick originally hired Mike Osborne to repair his chimney this past August, having no idea whatsoever that Osborne was currently on probation due to several counts of felony home improvement fraud in the state of Indiana.

On top of his scheming, Mike Osborne was also sentenced in 1988 to ten years in prison for child molestation. Detective Franklin stated, “Initially we were looking for him for failure to register as a sex offender.” Beside the fact that Osborne failed to register as a sex offender, he is also in hot water for violating his parole as well as false reporting to law enforcement.

Franklin stated, “The Prosecutor’s Office in Clark County is going to prosecute him to the fullest extent that they possibly can. If there’s more victims out there, we want them to contact the prosecutor’s office.”

Each of Mr. Osborne’s businesses has received an “F” Rating by the BBB, as there are several unresolved complaints with each business.

Mike Osborne’s past seems to finally be catching up with him. In today’s economy, many homeowners have fallen victim to home repair scams, most likely due to the fact that these swindlers all seem to operate in the same fashion as Osborne: sweetening the deal by agreeing to a “low” price, and then in turn taking off with the money.

Unfortunately, the fact that Mike Osborne is behind bars does not eliminate the rest of these scammers from taking his place. Anyone that is in need of home repair due to severe weather should take some time to research the contractor, no matter how low they agree to go as far as price. You will save yourself time as well as money by hiring a legitimate professional.

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Cellphone Banking Fraud at Record High

by Scott on April 29, 2014

A recent report from the banking ombudsman states that internet banking fraud utilized by cellular phones was at its highest level in 2013 and that cell phone phishing is responsible for 46 percent of all internet banking related complaints, jumping 27 percent since 2012.

Cell phone phishing consists of sending fraudulent e-mails and text messages sent to banking customers in the hopes of extracting private internet banking information. Purchase Cellularize Portable Emergency Charger with LED Flashlight for only $19.95.

SIM swapping occurs when an individual intent on committing fraud replaces SIM cards on a p cell phone numbers, in turn, re-routing all bank communications to the fraudulent SIM card. .

The Rise of ATM Fraud

37% of the cases investigated by the ombudsman were related to ATM fraud, rising 6 percent in the past year.

The second highest number of open cases went to internet banking at 17 percent, followed by mortgage finance cases at 12 percent. Credit cards and personal bank loans represented 7 percent each.

It is important to note the only one third of the 23 percent of complaints received by the ombudsman’s office were found in favor of the complaints. This is due to the fact that many ATM issues occur due to bank customer error.  Examples include customers leaving their cards in the ATM machines and unintentionally allowing other customers to view their PIN numbers.

Capitec Complaints

In 2013, Capitec  had approximately  867 complaints. This was due to the fact that Capitec’s customers continued to increase, and a large amount of new customers were dealing with past fraud issues that occurred at their previous banks.

Standard bank also received a number of complaints due to ATM fraud. In 2013, there were approximately 980 open cases against the bank. A common practice for bank fraudsters is to target multiple banks, closing accounts when the security levels improve.

In 2013, Absa Bank complaints actually dropped to 970 from 1335. It is possible this is due to the fact that many of the complaints were due to bank fraud and not caused by the bank’s administration.   in 2013, the ombudsman’s office closed 5,134 cases, with 46 percent of the cases closed in two months. Complainants were awarded R23 million in 2013, increasing from R6.6 million in 2012. ATM and internet banking made up for the majority of the award money.