Convicted scammer, Mike Osborne, is behind bars once again. Originally convicted of swindling Kentuckiana windstorm victims in 2008, Osborne is now dealing with charges in another US state. Mike’s trouble is far from over, and in the past four years he has been arrested as well as convicted several times. At this point, Mike Osborne is expected to be brought back to Clark County where he will be facing additional multiple felony charges.

Two years ago, Mr. Osborne was caught via hidden camera when he came back to the home of two of his former victims, this time demanding more money for his wind damage/roofing scam.

Detective Tim Franklin of the Clark County Sherriff’s office stated, “We’ve tracked him through Michigan and Wisconsin. Last night, I learned that he was currently in custody in Racine County, Wisconsin for home improvement fraud.”

According to local authorities, Mike Osborne is currently operating multiple Louisville, KY siding repair companies, and he does his advertising via the […]